The Pi You couldn’t buy – Blue Pi


Back in 2013 exactly 1 year after the first Raspberry Pi was sold RS components – One of two licenced Raspberry Pi Manufacturers at the time released a limited production run of 1000 blue Raspberry Pis.

They came with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Eben Upton and a matching Blue case from One Nine Design in Wales.

Press release photo taken at the time (

There was a pretty big catch though. They were never available to purchase. So how did you get one?

The majority of them were donated to charities involving kids educations and some were given away as competition prizes. Although it seems like a few slipped through the net!

I managed to get my hands on one and there are several available on eBay. I spoke to the eBay seller and he claims his Friend that used to work for RS Components gave him them.

Lets take a look at mine.

Unboxing the Blue Pi

Certificate of Authenticity

The first thing you come across as the box is opened – the Certificate of Authenticity. Each Blue Pi has a number, mine is #80.

Under the Certificate of Authenticity you find the boxed Pi and the Case both in Blue! Lets take a look in the Pi Box.

Carefully opening the boxed Pi and managing to not destroy the holographic security seals I found the Blue Pi in all its glory. Also included is a quick start guide and the Regulatory information.

What makes the Blue Pi Special?

Other than the Colour the Blue Pi is identical to a Rev 2 Model B as can be seen above – The only other difference is that the Ethernet port is covered with a holographic RS Components logo.

Model B Rev 2 Boxed (Top) Model B Rev 2 Blue Pi boxed (bottom)

The packaging is also identical other than the security seals and box colour!

Red Pi?

It turns out the Rev 2 Model B doesn’t only come in Blue and Green. Egoman (A Chinese electronic device manufacturer) were licenced to produce a Model B for the Chinese Market with a Red PCB to make the device easy to distinguish. The reason for this was simple, the boards are missing the FCC/CE markings making it illegal to import them into the EU or USA. It seems that very few did make it into the UK although they are around, a popular Crypto mining ASIC used the Red Pi as a controller board. If anyone has one for sale I would be very interested in purchasing one to complete my collection!


The Blue Pi is a cool device however its nothing more than a collectors item at this point. I haven’t even attempted to power this one on although I fully expect it will work!

More information can be found in the original press release here.

There are also a few for sale on eBay here but be quick! They end tomorrow.


  1. I do have a EgoMan one, alongside the box and the official case. I am not sue I’d like to sell it as it was a gift, but I could take some pictures ?

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