ZimaBoard – A $70 Single Board Home Server

If anyone would like to ask ZimaBoard any questions directly please post them in the comment section below and I will ask them to reply. Running a home server on a SBC isn’t anything new, I’ve personally been doing it since the release of the Raspberry Pi Model B in 2012. However no SBC has…… Continue reading ZimaBoard – A $70 Single Board Home Server

ClusterHat Panel

I recently purchased a clusterhat from clusterhat.com for an upcoming project and I decided to build a web frontend to make management easier and to make this easier for novices. The panel has 3 primary features – Power On, Power off and Console. Below are 3 gifs which show each feature in action. Power On…… Continue reading ClusterHat Panel

NanoPI Fire 3 Review

I recently purchased two FriendlyARM NanoPI Fire 3’s for my homelab project. This is an honest non-sponsored review. The NanoPI Fire 3 is a small SBC that is slightly larger than the Pi Zero at 75x40mm. It features an 8 core Samsung S5P6818 CPU and 1GB DDR3 RAM, gigabit ethernet 1x USB 2.0 type B…… Continue reading NanoPI Fire 3 Review

C-SKY – The Chinese CPU Architecture in Linux Mainline!

Introduction C-SKY is a CPU architecture that is designed to be used in DVB set-top TV boxes. In Late 2018 Linux was ported to the C-SKY Architecture and accepted into Mainline. This is likely the last CPU Architecture to be added to mainline Linux. C-Sky Architecture C-SKY was recently acquired by Alibaba and the CPU…… Continue reading C-SKY – The Chinese CPU Architecture in Linux Mainline!

Persistent Ramdisk on Debain/Ubuntu

The performance of a RAM drive is in general orders of magnitude faster than other forms of storage media, such as an SSD, hard drive, tape drive, or optical drive. This performance gain is due to multiple factors, including access time, maximum throughput, and type of file system because the storage is in RAM, it…… Continue reading Persistent Ramdisk on Debain/Ubuntu

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