I bought 200+ Raspberry Pi Model B’s and I’m going to fix them! Part 4


The first batch of the repaired Raspberry Pi’s have been sold! If you missed out on this, don’t worry! There are more to come as I repair them.

I sold a total of 27 Raspberry Pi’s, 3 people cancelled their orders as they somehow thought these were Raspberry Pi 4’s?! I will relist these during the week along with a few freshly repaired devices with upgraded SD card slots.

After ebay fees and P&P the total was £400 which I have donated to the Raspberry Pi Foundation as can be seen below, more will be coming in a future post to show what this money will go towards.

Donation to the Raspberry Pi foundation

Replacing and Upgrading Damaged SD Card Slots

A large amount of the Pi’s had damaged SD card slots, the original slots are made of plastic which was fairly brittle in 2012 when they were released and they really haven’t aged well!

As can be seen on this image the slots have crumbled meaning they no longer hold an SD card. I managed to source the original SD card slots although the seller wanted £2 each for them which just wasn’t worthwhile. I managed to source upgraded metal SD card slots for £0.14p each on aliexpress here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33012711993.html

Removing the old SD card slot was easy, using a pair of snips I cut as much of the plastic away as possible leaving only the pins to remove. I did this using a soldering iron rather than hot air.

Installing the new SD card slot was equally as easy, the new slots don’t have the SD card detection switch built in meaning that the detection pads need to be bridged with Solder as can be seen in the image below:

Raspberry Pi with the SD card slot replaced.

Overall this was a very easy repair, I will post some detailed guides or maybe even videos on the repairs once I get through some of the backlog so don’t worry if this repair wasn’t in-depth enough for you.


This SD card slots arriving from China allows me to repair a further 30 of the damaged Raspberry Pi’s which will be for sale soon – Remember that the profits from these sales goes to the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

The pace will be slowing down a little once this batch of repairs are complete as I have some upcoming hardware reviews I need to prepare for which will be showcased in future posts.

As always please leave a comment and share your thoughts on the repair process.


    1. This is a wonderful ride through small batch/home repair. It really gets me jazzed to find something to try my hand at.

      Thank you for sharing this.

  1. do you know of anyone who will repair my pi 4 which has a broken micro sd card holder. i am not capable of this repair, thanks

    1. The MicroSD card slots are a little fiddly to repair, the repair costs at a electronics repair store sadly often cost more than the price of a new Pi. You can however boot the Pi 4 via a USB drive which may do what you need.

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