EDIT: May 5th 2019:

Here it is: https://gitlab.com/jamesdawson1995/clusterhat-panel

A Demo can be viewed here: http://blog.jmdawson.co.uk:8002/#

I recently purchased a clusterhat from clusterhat.com for an upcoming project and I decided to build a web frontend to make management easier and to make this easier for novices.

The panel has 3 primary features – Power On, Power off and Console.

Below are 3 gifs which show each feature in action.

Power On
Power Off

The project is at a stage where I would like to get other people involved in testing, I will release the alpha with an installer over the weekend if I can gain some interest. As with all my projects this will be open source and available to anyone! This is written in PHP and uses the PHP built in web server so there really is not many dependancies.

Please let me know below if you would be interested in testing this.

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    1. Great! I’m guessing you already have a clusterhat setup and working? I’m just writing a quick installer script to make this easy to setup then I’ll be in touch 🙂

  1. I have a Clusterhat on a Pi3B+ and four Pi Zeros built, and waiting for me to get round to doing something with it. Small snag, this will not get priority over growing food, or any of a dozen other things I should do. I’ve helped myself to a copy of the zip file, but I don’t think you should rely on me to do anything useful soon.

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