OrangePi R1 Plus Review

OrangePi R1 Plus Side

Introduction The OrangePi R1 Plus is a budget ARM based router board that packs amazing performance for a low price. With dual gigabit NICs and a single USB 2.0 port the board is designed purely as a router – does it perform its purpose well? Lets find out. BaseTopSide Specs Powered by a Rockchip RK3328…… Continue reading OrangePi R1 Plus Review

OrangePi Zero 2 Review

Introduction OrangePi Kindly sent me a few of their SBCs to review including the OrangePi Zero 2. Whilst they sent me the hardware this is a honest non-sponsored review. The OrangePi Zero 2 is an affordable small SBC with Bluetooth, WIFI and a powerful Cortex-A53 Quad Core 64 bit CPU at 1.5GHz. Measuring just 6cm…… Continue reading OrangePi Zero 2 Review

Nano Pi Neo2 NAS enclosure – a small Linux home Server/NAS

Introduction Whilst the FriendlyArm Nano Pi Neo2 isn’t the latest or greatest SBC on the market it has a huge benefit in that a aluminium 2.5″ NAS enclosure exists for it. The NAS board connects over the boards GPIO ports exposing a SATA backplane over a JMicron JM20329 USB to SATA bridge. Paired with the…… Continue reading Nano Pi Neo2 NAS enclosure – a small Linux home Server/NAS

The GL-MT300N A $20 hackable Linux Router

Introduction The Gl.iNET GL-MT300N is a $21/£19 travel router designed for WIFI on the go. The device runs a custom version of OpenWRT that is easily replaced with a standard release of OpenWRT making this device an ultra cheap hackable Dual NIC router/SBC. Specs The Gl-MT300N is powered by a MediaTek MT7628AN SoC featuring a…… Continue reading The GL-MT300N A $20 hackable Linux Router

NanoPI Fire 3 Review

I recently purchased two FriendlyARM NanoPI Fire 3’s for my homelab project. This is an honest non-sponsored review. The NanoPI Fire 3 is a small SBC that is slightly larger than the Pi Zero at 75x40mm. It features an 8 core Samsung S5P6818 CPU and 1GB DDR3 RAM, gigabit ethernet 1x USB 2.0 type B…… Continue reading NanoPI Fire 3 Review