ClusterHat Panel

I recently purchased a clusterhat from for an upcoming project and I decided to build a web frontend to make management easier and to make this easier for novices. The panel has 3 primary features – Power On, Power off and Console. Below are 3 gifs which show each feature in action. Power On…… Continue reading ClusterHat Panel

NanoPI Fire 3 Review

I recently purchased two FriendlyARM NanoPI Fire 3’s for my homelab project. This is an honest non-sponsored review. The NanoPI Fire 3 is a small SBC that is slightly larger than the Pi Zero at 75x40mm. It features an 8 core Samsung S5P6818 CPU and 1GB DDR3 RAM, gigabit ethernet 1x USB 2.0 type B…… Continue reading NanoPI Fire 3 Review

C-SKY – The Chinese CPU Architecture in Linux Mainline!

Introduction C-SKY is a CPU architecture that is designed to be used in DVB set-top TV boxes. In Late 2018 Linux was ported to the C-SKY Architecture and accepted into Mainline. This is likely the last CPU Architecture to be added to mainline Linux. C-Sky Architecture C-SKY was recently acquired by Alibaba and the CPU…… Continue reading C-SKY – The Chinese CPU Architecture in Linux Mainline!