Over:Board – Raspberry Pi CM4 ITX Motherboard

The Over:Board is an IO board for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. It is designed to use a standard PC ATX power connector and features a full size PCI-E 16x slot although its only running at 1x bandwidth and unfortunately it is not compatible with a GPU. The Over:Board It breaks out the following…… Continue reading Over:Board – Raspberry Pi CM4 ITX Motherboard

IcepeakITX ELBRUS-8CB ITX MotherBoard

ELBRUS MCST History Before we look at the IcepeakITX ELBRUS-8CB motherboard lets first look at the history of Elbrus. Elbrus CPU’s have been around for a very long time although unless you’re from Russia you’ve likely never heard of them. They were first released in the early 1970’s and used in the Soviet space program,…… Continue reading IcepeakITX ELBRUS-8CB ITX MotherBoard

ZimaBoard – A $70 Single Board Home Server

If anyone would like to ask ZimaBoard any questions directly please post them in the comment section below and I will ask them to reply. Running a home server on a SBC isn’t anything new, I’ve personally been doing it since the release of the Raspberry Pi Model B in 2012. However no SBC has…… Continue reading ZimaBoard – A $70 Single Board Home Server